Tracfone Big Easy Alcatel A382g

The Tracfone Big Easy is a specially designed phone for people who need an over sized key pad that's easy to read and press. This means this phone is purposefully designed for people with special needs and/or Senior Citizens. Additionally, this phone has minimal menus so it is very easy to use. Continuing with the easy read/use theme are over sized on screen fonts and menus. This is by far the ideal Tracfone for someone that needs an easy to use device. Couple that with Tracfone's inexpensive calling cards and the Big Easy is a great emergency only or low usage phone.

Carrier Tracfone

Release Date May 2012

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Tracfone Big Easy Specifications


User Interface
Proprietary Tracfone UI

Phone Dimensions
4.55"x 2.33" x 0.57"

Individual Key Size
.75"x .37"

Phone Weight
5.00 OZ

Form Factor
Candybar with Over sized keypad

Screen Size and Resolution:
2.75" Diagonal 1.45" x 2.40" actual dimensions

Carrier Technology:
GSM via AT&T or TMobile

Battery Life:
Up to 4hrs talk time, Up to 16 days stand by

Excellent Camera resolution:
N/A (no camera)

v 2.0

Charge and data cable port
Standard Micro USB and/or included phone cradle

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size - 3.5mm

Maximum Micro SD card Support

Tracfone Big Easy Alcatel A382g Tracfone Big Easy Keys Tracfone Big Easy Alcatel A382g

Big Easy Features

GSM, over sized and easy to read keys, easy to use, minimal menus, FM Radio, Flashlight

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The Big Easy is designed for people who need an easy to use phone. Just about everything on this phone is designed with that purpose in mind. For starters, the keys are way larger than usual and are highly visible even in the dark. Most importantly, are the easy to use and navigate menus so there aren't a whole lot of things to get lost in. Perhaps one of the aspects that really highlights the purpose of this phone is the included phone cradle so users don't have to deal with the small charger plug. Overall, this is a really good phone for senior citizens.


The Big Easy is not a phone you buy because it's got a ton of features. This is a phone that's designed for a single purpose. That said, the phone does have a couple of little features which are pretty cool. For one, it's got a built in FM radio. What's cool about Big Easy's radio is that it can be turned on by flipping a slider switch on the right hand side so there is no need to search for the radio in the menus. Another nice feature is the built in flashlight which can also be turned on with another slider switch on the right hand side as well.


While you can text with the Big Easy, it's not ideal because the keys are all numbers so you need to press the corresponding number for the desired letter. That said, the phone is pretty intuitive in text mode. Instead of repeatedly pressing a key to toggle through the letters, you simply press the number with the corresponding letter then press up or down arrows to select the desired letter.

Calling Area

The Big Easy will use the GSM calling area which means it will utilize either AT&T or TMobile. The good thing here is that you can use any card with this phone so you can keep it active for as little as $7 a month. You do get double minutes on this phone.

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Wrapping it Up

To sum it up, the Big Easy is perhaps the perfect Tracfone for either a special needs or senior citizen. The phone is very affordable and the Tracfone calling plans make for the perfect emergency only phone.