Straight Talk ZTE Whirl Full Review

The Straight Talk ZTE Whirl is another entry level ZTE device. This one is quite basic though it does come with Android 4.1. Now this is an 800mhz phone so not a ton of horsepower to be found. All around specs are about standard for a sub $100 phone. For example, we find a 3.0 mp camera and 3.5" screen so this is a fairly compact phone. This isn't a bad choice if you live in a GSM area and don't need the latest and greatest. This phone will use either Verizon or Sprint for service. This is essentially the same phone as ZTE Valet so if you need a CDMA phone to be used by either Verizon or Sprint, then check out the ZTE Valet.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date August 2013/September 2013

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ZTE Whirl Specifications


Android Operating System

Jelly Bean Android version 4.1

Phone Processor Speed

Phone Dimensions
4.62" x 2.53" x .49"

Phone Weight
4.55 OZ

Form Factor
Candy bar touchscreen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.50" Diagonal
Carrier Technology:
GSM via AT&T or TMobile

Battery Life:
Up to 5.5hrs talk time, Up to 11 days stand by


Camera resolution:
3.0 MP, no secondary camera

v 2.0

Charge and data cable port
Standard Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size - 3.5mm

Maximum Micro SD card Support
Supports up to 32Gb support. Comes with 4gb sd card.
Straight Talk/Net10 ZTE Whirl Review

ZTE Whirl Features

Affordable price, latest Android operating system, GSM calling area, Google Play app downloads, Google Maps, Google Navigation, YouTube, gps, FM Radio.

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