Straight Talk Samsung Galaxy Discover SGH-S730G Full Review

The Straight Talk Samsung S730g is another in the long line of Galaxy line Androids. The s730g is more of an entry level device sort of like the Samsung Precedent big difference being that the s730g is a GSM phone and perhaps a little more attractive. I think the main selling point on this phone is the fact that it's a dead ringer for the old 3g/3gs iphones.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date September/October 2012

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Samsung S730g Specifications


Android Operating System
Gingerbread Android version 2.3.4

Phone Processor Speed
800 MHz

Phone Dimensions
4.40 x 2.40 x 0.50

Phone Weight
4.3 OZ

Form Factor
Touchscreen Candybar

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.5" Diagonal

Carrier Technology:
3g GSM via AT&T or TMobile

Battery Life:
Up to 9hrs talk time, Up to 11 days stand by

Excellent Camera resolution:
3.0 megapixels w/video recorder

v 2.0

Charge and data cable port
Standard Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size - 3.5mm

Maximum Micro SD card Support
Supports up to 32Gb support

Straight Talk s730g

Samsung s730g

3g data with WiFi, attractive looks, 3.5" screen, Android OS with google play app store, Full HTML browsing, 3.0mp digital camera, Netflix, Facebook, Youtube, GPS and more.

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The Samsung S730g is an attractive entry level device offered by Straight Talk. Hardware wise, the phone is pretty typical for an entry level device. It certainly isn't going to be a speed demon or anything like that with it's 800mhz processor. What the s730g does offer is an excellent looking device. In fact, if you squint just a little bit, you may just mistake the S730g for an iPhone 3g or 3gs. Now you may be thinking, "well this is no iPhone" and you are right but the fact is that the specs on this phone are right there if not slightly better than the 3g or 3gs iPhones of yesteryear. Only difference here is that you can actually get this phone cheaper than you can a used iPhone! One note about this phone versus previous Straight Talk Samsung Androids is the slight variation in the interface. The 730g has two quick launch icons at the bottom of the screen, one for the browser and the other for the phone. Other than that, the phone is pretty similar to say the Samsung Precedent. A tour around the phone reveals a 3.5" screen surrounded by a silver/chrome bezel with rounded corners. Again, very much like the old iPhones? Continuing our tour, we find 3 instead of the typical 4 Android buttons and as we mentioned above, a revised home screen with Phone and Browser quick launch icons. Everything else is pretty much standard here, volume buttons on the left, power/lock on the top right, headphone jack on top and charge/data port on bottom. Note, no camera quick launch so you will have to use the in menu icons to get to it.


This being an Android device, you know that you will have access to the Google Play app store which includes such titles like Angry Birds, Netflix, Instagram and the list goes on and on. Aside from that, you get GPS functions via Google Maps. Full HTML browsing and a whole lot more. Basically, everything Gingerbread Android has to offer. Don't worry, Straight Talk has not handicapped this phone's features in any way shape or form.

Calling Area

As we mentioned earlier,the s730g is a GSM device so Straight Talk will use either AT&T or TMobile. Note that this is a 3g speed phone . Check your calling area

Wrapping it Up

The s730g doesn't necessarily bring anything new to the table as far as Straight Talk Androids are concerned. In fact, this phone is very much like the other entry level Androids currently available on Straight Talk but one can pretty much say that about most of the Android phones out there. What the s730g does bring, is yet another excellent and very attractive choice to the ever growing Straight Talk Android stable. We really enjoyed our time with this phone and thoroughly recommend it if you are considering a new Straight Talk Android.