Straight Talk Samsung S390G How to Fix PUK Code Screen

The Samsung S390G has some rather ambiguous and strange security settings. If you like to click around the phone as we do, you may have encountered the Check Pin Code setting and decided to fool around with it. Perhaps in an attempt to fish for the pin with the usual 0000 or 1234 you inadvertently locked the phone up and got the PUK Code screen. So what now? For one, you can't do a thing with the phone until you fix this. What the Check Pin Code setting essentially does is enable the security pin for your Sim card and you will get the PUK Code screen upon entering the wrong pin 3 times. To fix follow these steps.


1. Call Straight Talk at 1 877 430 2355.

2. Let the rep know you have the PUK Code screen. Be sure to have your phone IMEI handy as well as the SIM card serial number. You will need to remove the SIM card from the back of the phone to get it.

3. The rep will ask you for these numbers and proceed to give you a code to enter on the phone. Write it down in case you lock it again. This code is unique to each sim which is why you can't find it online.

4. Enter the code to get rid of the PUK Code screen.

5. The rep will also give you the pin code to the sim card lock. If not, that code is 1111 .

6. After entering the PUK code the phone will ask for the 1111 code so enter that as well. If memory serves, it will ask you if you want to change it. Our opinion is don't.

7. Your phone's SIM should now be unlocked and the phone can be used again.

8. In some rare cases or if maybe you changed the 1111 code and can't remember, Straight Talk may need to send you a new SIM.