Straight Talk LG Optimus Zip LG L75C Full Review

The Straight Talk LG Optimus Zip (L75C) is another CDMA Android offered by Straight Talk. The Zip is a member of the venerable Optimus line so you know it's an excellent device. At first glance, it looks like exactly like the LG Optimus Q, but a little updated. Taking a look at the specs, it looks exactly like the LG Optimus Q including the price tag.

Carrier Straight Talk

Release Date July 2012

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LG Optimus Zip Specifications

LG Android Operating System
Gingerbread Android version 2.3.4

Phone Processor Speed

Phone Dimensions
4.5"x 2.3" x .6"

Phone Weight
5.5 OZ

Form Factor
Slider with Full QWERTY and Touchscreen

Screen Size and Resolution:
3.2" Diagonal, 320 x 480 pixels 256K color

Carrier Technology:
CDMA via Sprint

Battery Life:
Up to 7hrs talk time, Up to 10 days stand by

Excellent Camera resolution:
3.2 MP

v 2.0

Charge and data cable port
Standard Micro USB

Headphone Jack
Standard iPod type size - 3.5mm

Maximum Micro SD card Support
Supports up to 32Gb support. Comes with 4gb sd card.

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LG Optimus Zip Features

CDMA, 3g calling area, Google Play app market access,Touchscreen and Full QWERTY capabilities, Full HTML browser with Javascript support, Video Recording, Camera, GPS navigation via Google Maps, access to movies via Netflix, HBO Go, etc and lots more

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What's Included

What's included
  • LG Optimus Q
  • 4gb micro sd
  • Charger Plug
  • Charge/Data cable
  • Battery
  • Battery Cover


The LG Optimus Zip is another in the long line of Optimus models. We we mentioned above, this is a slight refresh from the LG Optimus Q. In fact, it can be said it is the same exact phone with same specs with the addition of a few visual enhancements . Namely, in the form of a shiny dark gray bezel around the entire phone. Like the LG Optimus Q, the Zip also features a full QWERTY keyboard with an identical layout and functionality. Other than that, all other features remain the same on the Opimus Zip including processor speed and, dimensions and weight. So the question is, what's so special about this phone? We investigate...

Looking around the phone, we find a simple easy to use design. The phone features an all plastic body with a few attractive trim bits namely the shiny bezel around the entire phone and the silver trim surrounding the standard Android key layout. Volume button, head phone jack, power button and camera buttons location are fairly standard with the headphone jack located at the top, volume buttons and USB port on the left, camera on right. As with all androids, we find the standard 4 button layout. The LG Optimus Zip uses the the garden variety push button types instead of the capacitive touch buttons for those touchy feely types.

Now for the keyboard, we find a 4 row layout with nicely sized keys that are both comfortable and easy to push. The keys are made of a hard plastic and are raised off the keyboard by about 1/16" of an inch or so. The keys are square and are about 1/4" by 1/4" or so and are spaced by slightly over 1/16" of an inch. Overall, we really liked the keys on it and we found it very easy to text and browse with it. The simple layout makes the phone pretty easy to use even for those of us noob android users out there.


Let's see, features, how about everything but the kitchen sink. As with all Androids, you get apps, GPS, wifi wireless connectivity, Google Play market, Netflix, 3g, and tons more. Of course you also get the QWERTY keyboard for easy texting. As with all modern phones, you get the micro SD port for saving pictures, videos and mp3s. Overall, this is a full featured Android that is not handicapped or crippled in any way shape or form. About the only thing that was somewhat disappointing is the choppy Netflix app but reading the NF app reviews reveals that this is a Netflix app issue and not so much a phone issue. To test, we tried the HBO Go app and it played beautifully. Youtube also played smoothly and beautifully both on 3g and wifi.

Calling Area

Be aware that the LG Optimus Zip is a CDMA phone. As such, it will utilize the Sprint network. This is a good thing as you are not on the over crowded AT&T area. On the downside, the Sprint network is not as vast as the AT&T calling area but most people in urban areas will find the Sprint network to work great. In our test area, Sprint is not the main carrier so signal was somewhat low. Again, this is not a phone shortcoming so you may want to check your calling area before proceeding to buy this phone. If you find that AT&T calling area, you may want to check out the ZTE Merit as it is the only GSM Android offered by Straight Talk.

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Wrapping it Up

To sum it up, the LG Optimus Zip is an excellent device that lets you enjoy all that Android has to offer at a prepaid price. There is nothing on the phone that let us down other than maybe the netflix app. Keep in mind that the phone is more of a mid grade device so it's certainly not the most powerful of Androids but it's more than enough for the vast majority of us.