Straight Talk Samsung S390g How to set up WiFi Wireless Access

Possibly the single best feature on the Samsung S390 is Wifi so in this how to we are going to learn the simple steps for setting this up. You should have your wireless network key/password ready as you will need it to complete the setup. Don't worry about the other settings as the phone auto configures them for you. One you have it set up you can enjoy web browsing and videos on a fast connection.


1. Open the main menu by pressing the key below Menu

2. Scroll to WiFi

3. You will be prompted to turn it on if not on already.

4. The phone will automatically scan for networks. If not, go to Options to scan

5. All settings are auto configured so scroll to the password box and enter your wireless key

6. Press soft key under OK to connect

7. Once connected, hit the End key to go back to the Home screen

8. Launch the browser to test and enjoy..

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