Straight Talk Samsung S390G How to Install Java Apps

The Samsung S390G is able to support Java app installs and it is pretty easy to install them on the phone. It's best if you download the jar files to your computer, from there you can move them to your phone by connecting your S390g with a micro usb data cable. Then you can just transfer the files to the phone as you would using a USB thumb drive. Your phone will need to have SD card installed. Here is how to install on the phone once the file has been moved to your sd card:


1. Go to the main menu and select My Folder

2. Scroll to the right to select On Card

3. Locate your app on the list or within a folder depending on where you put it when transferring with your computer.

4. Select your app and press the middle nav button

4. Follow the onscreen prompts to install.

5. Once installed, go back to the Main menu then Games & Apps icon.

6. Your app will be listed there, simple select it and hit the Nav button to launch.