Comparing the Straight Talk Huawei Ascend 2 and ZTE Merit

Today, we compare two popular Entry level phones from Straight Talk. Both phones can be had for around $100 and both phones have very similar qualities so they make for a perfect head to head comparison. Additionally, both of these are somewhat "off brand", not to say they are cheap by any means, just saying they aren't your typical Samsung/LG and what have you.  No doubt, the flood of Android devices makes oh so confusing to pick the perfect one so hopefully this comparison will help you in choosing your next Straight Talk device.  Check Straight Talk Availability



Straight Talk ZTE Merit

Straight Talk Huawei Ascend

Dimensions 4.6" x 2.4" x 0.5" 4.55"x 2.37" x .47"
Weight 4.51 ounces 4.23 ounces
Screen Size 3.5" Diagonal 3.47 Diagonal
Technology GSM 3g CDMA 3g
Processor 600mhz 600mhz
Operating System Android 2.3 Android 2.3
SD Card Support Up to 32gigs Up to 32 gigs
Video Recording QVGA@15fps QVGA@15fps
Digital Camera 5 Mega Pixels 5 Mega Pixels
MP3 Player Yes Yes
Headphone Jack 3.5mm iPod type 3.5mm iPod Type
Browser Full HTML with Javascript Support Full HTML with Javascript Support
USB v 2.0 v 2.0
Apps Download via Google Play Download via Google Play
Email client Yes Yes
Bluetooth Wide open Wide Open
  99.99 129.99


Design wise, the Huawei is the clear winner here. It's got a much sleeker look to it than the ZTE.  So much so, that if I were looking at these phones side by side, I would say the Huawei is clearly the more expensive choice.  The Huawei has the nice capacitive touch android buttons while the ZTE has the traditional push button types.  Also, the ZTE has a 3 Android button design while the Huawei has the typical 4 button android.


Dimensions, Screen Size and Weight

Both of these phones are of the compact Android variety and both have 3.2". However, the ZTE Merit is slightly heavier by about .3 ounces. This is pretty much imperceptible to most of us but the ZTE is slightly heavier than the Huawei. To be honest, there really isn't enough difference between the both to make picking one worth while. Picking one on the basis of size/weight that is.



This is probably the biggest difference between these devices, this and price that is. The Huawei Ascend 2 is a CDMA device, thus Straight Talk will assign you the Sprint Network. On the other hand, the ZTE is GSM so Straight Talk will assign you either AT&T or Tmobile. If we were to guess, we would say AT&T. This probably does not mean much to most but the fact is, one carrier may have better coverage than the other. Check coverage on Straight Talk Web page



As with most things when buying stuff, it always boils down to price. The Huawei here is the clear winner. It is $30 cheaper which is a substantial amount.  This in my opinion would make me go for the Huawei assuming I have Sprint converage in my area.



The only thing that would make me pick the ZTE over the Huawei would be coverage. That is to say, you have better Sprint coverage than ATT/Tmobile. Otherwise, the Huawei is the clear choice here. All specs are similar on both devices but the Huawei has a sleeker design and is priced considerably lower than the ZTE so our suggestion is to go for the Huawei.