Compare the Straight Talk Huawei Ascend 2 and Huawei Ascend Y

Today, we compare two similar entry level phones on Straight Talk. They are the Huawei Ascend 2 and the Huawei Ascend Y. These make for a good comparison because they are similar in functionality and price. Naturally, if you see both of these on the Straight Talk web page you will want to know what the scoop is between them. Check Straight Talk Availability



Straight Talk Huawei Ascend y

Straight Talk Huawei Ascend 2

Dimensions 4.55" x 2.4" x 0.48" 4.55"x 2.37" x .47"
Weight 4.23 ounces 4.23 ounces
Screen Size 3.50" Diagonal 3.50" Diagonal
Technology CDMA 3g CDMA 3g
Processor 800mhz 600mhz
Operating System Android 2.3 Android 2.3
SD Card Support Up to 32 gigs Up to 32 gigs
Video Recording QVGA@15fps QVGA@15fps
Digital Camera 3.2 Mega Pixels 5 Mega Pixels
MP3 Player Yes Yes
Headphone Jack 3.5mm iPod type 3.5mm iPod Type
Browser Full HTML with Javascript Support Full HTML with Javascript Support
USB v 2.0 v 2.0
Apps Download via Google Play Download via Google Play
Email client Yes Yes
Bluetooth Wide open Wide Open
Price 119.99 99.99


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The obvious difference in design is the fact that the Ascend 2 has the usual 4 button Android button design while the Ascend Y only has 3. So we can see that the Ascend Y deleted the rarely used search button. Now the other design difference here is that the Ascend Y has a dark gray bezel that's sort of a metal look finish whil on the Ascend 2 we have a glossy black finish. Finally, on the back of the Ascend Y we have a metal look design feature just above the battery cover while the Ascend 2 is just plain black in the back. No that this is really a big deal but the Ascend y has a 3/4 battery cover that does not go all the way to the top of the phone and stops just below the camera. The Ascend 2 has the typical full battery cover common on most devices.


Processor and Camera

This is where the 2 phones differ. The Ascend Y has a more robust 800mhz processor. As such, it is a better performer and essentially everything is just a bit faster when running on the Ascend Y. The Ascend 2 on the other hand, has only a 600 mhz processor. In the camera department, while both support video recording, the Ascend 2 has 2 more megapixels. So if camera is important to you, then the Ascend 2 might be your choice. This is really where they differ in price but the reality is that the Ascend Y is newer, hence commands a premium over the older Ascend 2.


Dimensions, Screen Size and Weight

Both phones are essentially the same in dimension. This includes the screen size as well as the weight.



Both of the Ascends are CDMA 3g phones..



Of course we see that the Ascend Y commands a $20 premium in price. This is more than likely because the Ascend Y is newer and has a faster processor. The trade off is the camera so you decide which is more important to you...



The conclusion here is that really, the 2 phones are quite similar.  The main difference between these is the faster processor on the Ascend Y and the better camera on the Ascend 2.  So if taking good pictures is important to you, then you should opt for the Ascend 2. Other than that, you are probably better off with the Ascend Y and it's faster processor.